Tesla Coil Touchable lightning Bluetooth Music Audio

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  • 【Bluetooth Connection】Play music through Bluetooth connection, and you'll see that the arc of the tesla coil is beating with the music, and playing square wave music lightning energy concentration in the form of clusters. When touched by hand, there will be a tickling sensation, very interesting, which can effectively attract attention and improve the students' exploration ability.
  • 【Fun Science Experiment】This experiment musical coil model has wireless transmission and speaker function, and can light up neon lights. It can be touched at will to produce lightning in the hands, which is very suitable for people to learn science and physics, and is a good physics and science teaching tool.
  • 【Simple and Safe Operation】This experiment musical coil model is wireless, no grounding and audio cable connection. Slowly increase the power to control the lightning arc gradually become larger, but also can be connected to the phone, switch to the music gear, so that the lightning with the rhythm of the music change, very creative.
  • 【Cool Desktop Toy】Tesla modules can be placed horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. Plug it in and light up the LED bulb, and it works like a charm. This is a fun art decoration. It's funny how people react in surprise when they see this strange thing that emits lightning.
  • 【Multifunctional】This experiment musical coil model can wirelessly light up a variety of gas lamps, such as neon, fluorescent lamps, old-fashioned energy-saving lamps, etc., multi-functional design to meet your needs. Give it to your family or friends and they will be very pleased with this special and original gift.
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