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Art world

Dinosaur Eggs LED Star Projector

Art world

Planetarium light galaxy projector with 12 discs

Art world

3D Planet Crystal Ball

Planetarium light galaxy projector with 12 discs

【Unique 13 in 1 Planetarium Projector】The Upgraded Star projector comes with 13 different 4k HD galaxy discs: Galaxy, Solar System, Earth, Moon, The Milky Way, Andromeda Galaxy, NGC4302-NGC4298 , Hubble Deep Field, M60--UCD1, North America Nebula, Mystic Mountain, Small Magellanic Cloud, The Milky Way. These Realistic galaxy film discs taking you to experience an fantastic universe world. Bring me to your home, I will create starry sky for the little one.

【360° Rotation and Auto-off Timer】Our star projector for bedroom provides 0-360° flexible adjusted stand that increases the usability of the projector, so you can switch projecting between the room ceiling, wall or any places you want. With 2 auto-off timer options (1hour, 2hours), press it and it will automatically turn off when the time ends, do not disturb your and your kid's sleep.

【HD Realistic Galaxy Projector】This HD galaxy planetarium projector, rotate the top focal adjusted knob to adjust the focal length for clear imaging. Support up to 3M projection distance and 135sq.ft projection area. Stars sprinkled around the room, bring a magic indoors starry light show.

【Adjustable Focus】Night Light Projector for kids room only need 3 steps to take you through the planetarium visual experience: Insert film disc - Turn on switch - Adjust focus. Simple design perfect for kids using. Intersting manual switching of film sheets helps children's intellectual development good.

【Best Gift for Kids & Decorations】The star light projector can decorate kid's room, nursery, and bedroom decoration. It can accompany the boys and girls in growing, the silent motor and rotating sky also help soothe and calm babies and fall asleep quickly. An ideal gift for both adults and kids. Perfect for kids' room, home theatre, birthday, party, Christmas decorations and anniversary

Dinosaur Eggs LED Star Projector

  • Dinosaur Eggs Star Projector: The cracked dinosaur hatching eggs bring unique visual effects and can be used as exquisite toys and room decorations. It can also be used as a gift for children and adults.
  • Multiple Function: Single control, adjust brightness, remote control, sound control, timing function, music control, Bluetooth connection to any mobile phone or other device.
  • 16 Built-In White Noise & 13 RGB Colors: Built-in 16 white noise songs, everything from frog sounds, rain sounds to wind chimes. Through the combination of monochromatic, bichromatic and trichromatic (based on green, red, blue, and white), the projected view of the nebula has 14 colors.
  • Bluetooth Speaker: By connecting the device via Bluetooth, the star projector can be turned into a speaker. Start the sound to activate the rhythm mode, let the projection view dance with the rhythm, and create the atmosphere you want.
  • Ocean Nebula Effect: Breathing starlight scattered in the sky (projection surface), creating a real starry night scene. The projection view has a variety of variable colors, combined with white noise music, and turns your bedroom into a colorful galaxy world and a romantic underwater world.

3D Planet Crystal Ball

  • Atmosphere light: the night lamp is made of crystal and wood material, very decorative and durable to use.
  • Night lights for bedroom: exquisite workmanship, reasonable structure, professional and practical, can bring you convenience.
  • Realistic star projector: it can be used in various kinds of scenes like at home, in the hotel or any other places you want.
  • Space night lamp: the lamp features the creative appearance design, bringing you unique light effect.
  • Nightstand lamp: colorful and fun pattern design, this project light can create warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Romantic Star Projector, Explore The Sea of Stars

Home Planetarium Projector is a multi-functional galaxy projector with 13 HD film discs. It features timer settings, rotating speed. It can also be used comfortably as a bedside lamp in bedrooms and nurseries without causing any inconvenience.

Unique 13 in 1 Planetarium Projector

Star Projector comes with 12 different 4K HD galaxy discs: 1. Galaxy 2. Solar System 3. Earth 4. Moon 5. The Milky Way 6. Andromeda Galaxy 7. NGC4302-NGC4298 8. Hubble Deep Field 9. M60--UCD1 10. North America Nebula 11. Mystic Mountain 12. Small Magellanic Cloud.13. The Milky Way.

Star Projector

360 degree angle adjustment
Flexible Focal Setting for HD Image
Auto-Off Timing Function

Art World

Planetarium light galaxy projector with 12 discs

360 degree angle adjustment

It can not only project on the ceiling but also on the wall via adjusting the projection body, suitable for any scenes and perfect for bedroom decor.

Flexible Focal Setting for HD Image

Twisting the top focal adjusted knob to adjust the focus to fit the projection distance for a HD clear image, which fill your room with stars and moonlight.

Auto-Off Timing Function

Press host "1H/2H" button to make the projector light work for preset time and automatically shut off, and do not worry about getting out of bed.

Art world

3D Planet Crystal Ball

Crystals give new confidence and the courage to take life in new directions

Art world


All crystals and stones are natural and will not lose their color, have sizes, shapes. They are all hand-selected to ensure you get the crystals.

Art world


You can put it in your bedroom, home and office with vitality, display your spirituality on a shelf or on your desk with natural backgrounds such as plants.

Special Star Projection

The breathing stars are scattered in the sky (projection surface), forming a beautiful nebula that changes color. Ocean wave projector view provides 14 colors (based on four colors of green, red, blue, and white), supports the night sky monochrome, two-color, and three-color light effects, stars for ceiling,which can create a ripple effect and create a real starry night.

Relaxing white noise

Easy to fall asleep. Night light projector has 19 luminous melodies, from frogs and rain to wind chimes. Let the relaxing music make you sleep peacefully. This sky light projector has 3 levels of brightness and speed, and can be set to 1 hour / 2 hours of working time, room light creating a romantic and relaxing atmosphere, allowing you to sleep well!

Bluetooth Speaker

Sky galaxy Projector Connect the device via Bluetooth to turn it into a speaker. The music-activated rhythm mode makes the projection view dance to the music rhythm. Bluetooth speaker Create an atmosphere of dance and party through sensitive recording and quick response. Enjoy the happiness that music brings to you anytime, anywhere.

Unique and interesting shape

Dinosaur Egg Star Projector using 3D printing technology. The broken dinosaur hatched an egg-shaped starlight projector, which seemed to hide a small dinosaur, waiting to come out at any time! Give you more life imagination. The wonderful view of the starry sky inspired them to discover the wild imagination of the universe.

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