Diatomite Stone Bath Mat (23.6”x15.4”)

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Color: Dark grey
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Quick Dry in Seconds

Our Stone bathroom mat, made of natural diatomaceous earth, absorbs water quickly, eliminating the need for wet feet and slippery floors in the bathroom

Anti-Slip and Safe Design

Our diatomite stone bath is perfect for seniors and children, with an anti-skid rubber backing to prevent slips. It's also easy to clean and adds a natural touch to your bathroom decor

Versatile and Luxurious

Our quick-drying stone mat bathroom is versatile & stylish - perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, outdoors, as a plant stand, or for activities, adding both style & and practicality to your life


Diatomaceous Earth

Product Dimensions


Item Weight

4.8 Pounds

Special Feature

Absorbent, Quick Dry, Non Slip

Dark grey

Diatomaceous earth bathroom mats are made of environmentally friendly and durable diatomaceous earth. Unlike traditional non-absorbent bathroom mats, quick-drying bathroom stone mats have millions of microscopic particles on their surface. Granular porous, absorbs twice the amount of water in seconds, keeping bathroom and home items dry.

Light grey

You don't need to worry about its safety, the bathroom stone mat is made of diatomaceous earth and recycled paper, and the material meets the standards of safety, non-toxic and sustainable. Quick-drying bath mat acts as a natural desiccant to keep bathroom and kitchen countertops dry and moisture-free.


The combination of luxury and comfort, high-end and high-quality products can optimize your mood and feel relaxed in fatigue. This modern and simple style diatomite bathroom mat can be perfectly matched with your bathroom, kitchen, bathtub and pet mat, the surface has texture effect, which can effectively increase friction, and has super anti-slip and wear-resistant effect, reducing aging and Risk of slipping and falling for children.

Instant Dry Bath Stone Mats Rejects All Damp

Our diatomaceous earth bath mat is made of eco-friendly and durable diatomaceous earth. These instant dry bath stone mats can soak twice their weight in water in seconds, keeping your bathroom and kitchen countertops and household essentials dry.

Beautiful and Functional

Our stone mat is equipped with a non-slip pad underneath, the surface on the diatomaceous earth bath mat is a striped texture effect, effectively increasing the friction, and can play a super anti-slip wear-resistant effect, effectively reducing the risk of slipping and falling.

Contemporary Decorations

We know that modern artwork decorates your kitchen or bathroom. Our diatomaceous earth bath mat is perfect for your bathroom, bathtub, pet mat, kitchen, kitchenware draining rack, swimming pool and many other wet washing areas.

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