Vintage Organique Clear Dried plant jelly bag

Have those cookie-cutter bags made you aesthetically tired? How about this style

In a realm where individuality is revered and conformity shunned, one visionary emerged with an unwavering determination to defy the norm. Meet Law, a true Aquarian whose distinctiveness knows no bounds. In her quest to escape the mundane, she crafted a bag that encapsulated her boundless spirit - a creation that celebrates her unique flair while providing a sanctuary for nature's wonders.

Law is the designer of this bag. She is a typical Aquarius girl who always likes to explore novel things. She likes uniqueness, fun, vitality, and splendor. The jelly bag she designed has these characteristics , she packed the plants into the crystal-clear bag, and the feeling of summer can be seen at a glance. She hopes that everyone who owns this bag will always maintain a warm mood to explore the world, always be interesting and energetic

You deserve it this summer

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